Their Story

An evil presence is out there seeking to destroy rock music. It may hide in your radio, your iPod, or in the trunk of your car. Whether you can hear it or not - bad music is out there.

Not sure if you're a victim? Ask yourself this question: Have you heard a song and not liked it, only to be bombarded with the same song 34,090,834,098 times until you finally gave in and started liking it? Ever listened to a CD by a band and you literally can't tell one song from the next because they all have the same bland sound? The news media may not cover it much, but we've all been criminally assaulted by bad music. It's time we stand up and tell the world we won't be victims any longer.

While many other bands have succumbed to the unstoppable and subversive force that is bad music, a dynamic trio by the name of NoCo (aka "No Compromise") has surfaced to stand for all that is right and save rock music!

Putting aside their massive egos to form an incredible alliance, the members of NoCo bonded together after a near-lame experience at a Nickelback concert. Fleeing for their lives and barely escaping with their ears intact, Jack, Justin, and Will realized they had a duty - nay destiny - to restore hope to the rock faithful by holding themselves to higher standards of musicianship and songwriting.

Launching from their secret headquarters just outside the nation's capital, NoCo banded together to cleanup the streets and save rock music… because bad music is criminal.